Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons USA / MDE

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Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons USA / MDE

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Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons USA / MDE


Customize your character and home, and decorate the landscape (with furniture, if you like!), as you create your very own island paradise.
Experience a robust new crafting system—collect materials to construct everything from furniture to tools!
Enjoy a variety of relaxing activities like gardening, fishing, decorating, interacting with charming NPCs, and more, as classic Animal Crossing experiences come to life in fun new ways within the deserted-island setting.

If the hustle and bustle of modern life’s got you down, Tom Nook has a new business venture up his sleeve that he knows you’ll adore: the Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package! Sure, you’ve crossed paths with colorful characters near and far. Had a grand time as one of the city folk. May’ve even turned over a new leaf and dedicated yourself to public service! But deep down, isn’t there a part of you that longs for…freedom? Then perhaps a long walk on the beach of a deserted island, where a rich wealth of untouched nature awaits, is just what the doctor ordered!

Peaceful creativity and charm await as you roll up your sleeves and make your new life whatever you want it to be. Collect resources and craft everything from creature comforts to handy tools. Embrace your green thumb as you interact with flowers and trees in new ways. Set up a homestead where the rules of what goes indoors and out no longer apply. Make friends with new arrivals, enjoy the seasons, pole-vault across rivers as you explore, and more!

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Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons USA / MDE

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Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons USA / MDE

Produk bagus, tapi tolong diganti automatic message nya ya kalo kita ngechat diluar jam kerja kalian, chatnya kayak orang beneran yang bales tapi jutek yang ngebales. Mungkin bisa lebih dibuat seperti toko2 official yang agak panjang dan bagus tatanan bahasanya. Kalian terlalu santai.

Jujur saya pikir itu admin beneran yang bales karena kebetulan kalian online, tapi kok gasopan , kayak orang nolak duit mentah mentah.
Thanks but overall ok.
2 bulan lalu oleh Joshua

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Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons USA / MDE

lingga24 Mei 2020

Reg USA bisa di gunain online ga? Bentuk fisik kan yah gan? Ready?


 • 24 Mei 2020

Fisik. Usa, ready.

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Wijaya15 Jun 2020

min beda usa sama aussie apa


 • 15 Jun 2020

Usa bs redeem dlc

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