Gundam Astray Red Frame / Rare Grade / BANDAI / Skala 1:144

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Gundam Astray Red Frame / Rare Grade / BANDAI / Skala 1:144

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Deskripsi Produk

Gundam Astray Red Frame / Rare Grade / BANDAI / Skala 1:144

GUNDAM Astray Red Frame
Rare Grade / Skala 1:144 / ORIGINAL BANDAI
PREMIUM QUALITY / 100% Original / Garansi Uang Kembali

- Astray Red Frame boasts a brilliant movement as of samurai appeared in RG!

- To pursue a structure that feel from the assembly stage [Real]. Rather than to follow as it is the human body specific moving and muscles, re-design the skeleton] [muscle] when it was replaced by the mobile suit. Beyond the body skeleton, we realize the claim of a certain frame.

- 1: pursue skeleton as MS in a completely new design frame
And not the imitation of the human body moving, and reproduce the frame of Astray by designing a skeleton of as mobile suits.

- 2: frame is for flexible moving in conjunction with the exposed exterior
In humans, and connect the bones, [muscle] is interposed to move. The Astray, part of the outer frame exhibit a role as a muscle. [Skeleton] and achieve a natural moving by [muscle].

- 3: reproduce the moving gimmick to detail
Cylinder seen from the flank and gaps are interlocked movable, together with the joint moving to flow, a movable gimmick detail is reproduced, thereby realizing a natural moving the whole.

- Accessories: Gerbera Straight, beam rifle, shield, beam saber × 2, pilot figure

31.2 x 19.2 x 7.8 cm

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