Pristine water 400 ml x 24 botol + air minum pristine + air alkali

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Pristine water 400 ml x 24 botol
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PRISTINE is not an ordinary mineral water, not only for thirst , but beneficial for healthy.
With an Ionization process, separates water and mineral to become ionic atomic molecules. The Ionization process produces PRISTINE as alkaline water.

Further some benefits of PRISTINE as an ionized mineral water:

1.Micro Water Fast absorption.
Structure molecule of its hydrogen altered to become smaller allowing for faster and more effective hydration of our bodys cells.

2.Higher scale pH (pH 8 -8.5) Neutralize harmful acidic wastes.
By everyday drinking PRISTINE (pH 8 8.5) will flush these acidic wastes, bringing our body state to a slightly alkaline condition, congruent to the alkalinity of our body.

3.Ionization Powerful anti-oxidant
PRISTINE has a negative ORP, showing that PRISTINE as alkaline water can block and reduce oxidation processes that can destroy healthy cells in our body. This property is commonly referred to as anti- oxidant.

4.Mineral for Healthy
PRISTINE containing abundant selected and balance minerals. PRISTINE that manages to preserve the beneficial minerals that our body greatly needs and also can help the damage cells of our body.

5.Natural and Pure.
No additional supplements, sweetener, preservation substances. PRISTINE is natural, pure and theres no side effect.

Therefore, be confident in drinking clean, safe and healthy life water from PRISTINE!!
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