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Variasi : As shown,

Condition: 100% Brand New and quality
Type: 3D Hologram Image Toy
Color: As pictures show
Size: Height 6.5cm
Material: ABS
1x3D Hologram Image Toy
1. miraculous effects.
2. create 3D holographic images.
3. advantages, fast delivery
Type: science toys -- visual perspective
Category: scientific toys for children aged three to eight, or adolescents.
Appendix: dice, frogs, spiders, and red sponge balls (not included).
Introduction: 3D magic box is a wonderful toy, touching the object that is seen with your hand, but the result is straight through. The sight is also real, and it is a mirage of science. The main structure consists of two parts. On the internal components of silver reflective parabolic mirror, the upper part is provided with a round hole, placed in the box at the bottom of a small demonstration object, will see an object in the air, with the hand to take, but through the object.
Principle: the principle of imaging is similar to the principle of the concave mirror imaging. The inside of the box is designed with a double parabolic mirror. When objects are placed on two sides of the concave mirror group of the same size (i.e. the central point of the concave mirror on the lower side, or the Jiao Dian position on the concave mirror above), because the light has the reflection characteristic, the light emitted from the object will gather at the same point when reflected (Jiao Dian). Therefore, when goods are placed under the center point of the concave mirror, the light rays reflected objects close to the central point at the top of the concave mirror (below the concave mirror focus), when the object light through the two reflection images of obje
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