Chocolate Melter 4 Pots Alat Peleleh Coklat - Kuning

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Chocolate Melter 4 Pots Alat Peleleh Coklat - Kuning

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    3 kilogram
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    1 Buah
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    4. Chocolate Melter
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Deskripsi Produk

Chocolate Melter 4 Pots Alat Peleleh Coklat - Kuning

Ready silakan langsung diorder.
Halo Chocolovers, yuk dipesan chocolate melternya versi double.
Gak tanggung2 paket kali ini langsung dapet 4 POTs (4 panci/mangkok melter)
jadi ga pusing buat gonta ganti pot jikalau pesanan kue kamu lagi banyak.

warna : KUNING dan PINK (pilihan warna pots juga bisa by request kok klo ga mau seragam)

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Melter Mancur 3 tingkat:

- Small pan melt chocolate, supporting a variety of shapes of molds, chocolate can make a variety of shapes.It can also be used when the chocolate fondue, fruit, biscuits and other food, can be pinned to eat together with chocolate.
- Heating element machine using a PTC, it is not only power, but also very, very safe.
-Magical effect; without water heating, with the melt with the use of ease.
-Quality assurance; no steam doubt, completely exclude chocolate deteriorated situation after use.
-Power expert; internal use PTC heating element, for 12 hours a day, without electricity.
-Security; not hot body shell, compliance certification materials.
-Simple operation; one-touch buttons, indicating lights
-Environmental protection; no combustion phenomenon, no fireworks and carbon monoxide.
-Security; a number of security guards to ensure safety.
-Clean; non-stick pan pot body design, easy to clean, no residue.
-Easy; simple and clear.
Power: 220v/50hz only 15W
- Base: approx. 15cm (width) x 18cm (depth) x 8.5cm (height)
- Pot: approx. 10cm (diameter) x 6cm (height); handle approx. 9cm (length)
1 x Chocolatiere Fondue Machine
1 x Spiral Fork
1 x Flat Chocolate-Making Fork
1 x Spatula
1 x Draining Rack
1 x Large Heart-Shaped Mould
1 x Instruction Manual (includes 12 recipes)
6 x Moulds (Heart, Bear, Square, Coffee Bean, Star, and Christmas Tree Shaped)
10 x Wooden Skewers
10 x Plastic Forks
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