Air Purifier / Sterilizer / Pembersih Udara Micro ecological untuk

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Air Purifier / Sterilizer / Pembersih Udara Micro ecological untuk

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Air Purifier / Sterilizer / Pembersih Udara Micro ecological untuk

Produk ini Kami Kirimkan Langsung Dari Luar Negeri Estimasi Pengiriman 1-2 Minggu. Desktop Micro Ecological Purifier Air Purifier Cleaner Sterilizer Household Negative Ion Generator Formaldehyde Mold Odor Dust Smoke Pollen Remover with Flowerpot AC110V~240V
This air purifier plays the function of eliminating harmful gases, second-hand smoke and inhalable particulates(PM2.5), killing bacteria, removing dust, dispelling peculiar smell etc. In addition, it is also a micro ecological purifier, which is equipped with a mini flowerpot on top for you  to keep plants for further purifying effect!

3-Layer Purification System: it consists of Pre-filter, Activated Carbon Filter & Cold Catalyst Filter.
Pre-filter: it is the first layer of purification system, can remove dust, pollen, smoke, odor, mold spores and pet dander, etc.
Activated Carbon: it can effectively remove poisonous, harmful and peculiar smell gas like formaldehyde, dimethyl benzene, phenol, etc.
Cold Catalyst: it can degrade formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, ammonia and other poisonous gases to kill bacteria and decompose toxins released by microbes, and further purify the air.
Negative Ion Generator: with over 6 million negative oxygen ions, able to neutralize and precipitate positive dust, harmful microorganism and poisonous gas, especially for PM2.5, helps effectively purify the air.
Plant Purification: equipped with a mini flowerpot, which can be used to keep aquatic plants, soil cultivation plants, artificial flowers or fish. Removable for easy cleaning.
Two Wind Speeds: low or high wind speed adjustable by convenient one button operation.
Aromatherapy Slot: on the bottom, a slot with cotton is designed for adding essential oil, bringing fresh and fragrant air for your room(essential oil is not included).
360° Air Outlets/Intakes: 360° air outlets and intakes provide high wind speed and better purifying effect.
Filter Replacement Reminder: when the device is

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