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Godox Reflector 5-In-1 42" (110cm) Professional Collapsible Disc Refle

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Godox Reflector 5-In-1 42" (110cm) Professional Collapsible Disc Refle

  • Berat
    900 Gram
  • Kondisi
  • Asuransi
  • Pemesanan Min
    1 Buah
  • Kategori
    1. Home
    2. Kamera
    3. Lighting & Studio
    4. Flash Kamera
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Deskripsi produk

Godox Reflector 5-In-1 42" (110cm) Professional Collapsible Disc Refle

Reflected light is the professional's edge in a photo world filled with complicated technologies and expensive demands for more light sources. Reflectors also allow photographers to harness the strongest and largest light source available to them, the sun. A simple well placed reflector will bring life, color and interest to the dullest of subjects. The set of Glow reflector surfaces can soften shadows, reveal details hidden in darkness, enhance skin tones, diffuse harsh sunlight, add a sparkle to the eyes,or add contrast to a drab scene. All this power, without cords, in a highly portable kit consisting of 5 different resilient fabric surfaces stretched over the single spring steel collapsible frame. The Silver disk adds the greatest amount of reflection, creates specular highlights, and has the greatest reach' of any in the set. Used carefully, it is the hero of your multi light solution'. Silver adds a definite glow to enhance skin tones, making it a favorite tool of fashion and beauty photographers. The Gold disk transforms your light source into the warmest glow, evoking the aura of sunset and romance. Our special Gold/Silver pattern is the real secret to adding a degree of warmth to all subjects and skin tone families. Without theoverpowering color shift common to totally gold reflectors, the zigzag silver/gold pattern produces subtle warmth. White produces the most even, natural bounce reflection of light and serves faithfully to maintain color balance and beautifully fills any subject relative to the degree of distance placement from the subject. White also can be used independent of other light sources to produce gorgeous catch lights in the eyes. Large catch lights imply innocence and liveliness. Even without light directly hitting the white reflector, the white object in thesubject's field of view will appear in the eyes as a circular catch light, adding value to portraits and headshots. Black serves as a negative or subtractive light modifi

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Godox Reflector 5-In-1 42" (110cm) Professional Collapsible Disc Refle

dari 10 ulasan
full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-star oleh Gatot

Very fast response. Dan pengiriman cepat dan aman. Barang diterima kondisi istimewa. Terima kasih.

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Godox Reflector 5-In-1 42" (110cm) Professional Collapsible Disc Refle

Hans Mei 2020

Kalau di-collapse (dilipat) ukurannya jadi berapa?


 • Sep 2020

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