Underwater Sea Dive Diving Flip Filter Lens For GoPro Hero 3 - Orange

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Deskripsi Produk

Compatible with Gopro Hero 3, 3+, 4 without screw Housing ONLY!
NOT suitable for 3, 3+, 4 with screw Housing !!

How to choose the filter color

Yellow Filter : Use in Tropical waters in the morning, shallow water, use in blue water(Diving filters)
Red Filter: Use for water depth of 10-20 meters, around noon (sunlight water) can be used red, the main purpose is to restore the water to be absorbed red and to leave you with natural colors.(Diving filters)
Orange Filter:Use in lakes, shallow water near the mouth of the water used in the green Water (Diving filters)
Polarizer Filter: Reduces glare from sun, snow, and water. Use it anywhere on land when bright out.(landscape Filter)
Purple Filter:This Filter will color correct your landscape . It usually used in green water or nightfall.(landscape Filter)
Magenta Filter: Reduces the green tones when filming in green water.This filter is great for lakes with algae or the green sea water. The Magenta filter is designed to pull the excess green color sout of the video leaving you with natural colors. (Diving filters)


Filter Care Instructions: These filters are very durable however you will want to rinse the filter after each use to clean the filter. If the filter is not rinsed water spots may develop and can be difficult to remove.

Package Includes:
1X Orange Filter for gopro hero 3 Housing
(GoPro camera and housing are NOT included)

Perhatian : Tidak cocok dengan housing Gopro dengan baut
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