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MAD CATZ RAT PRO X - Gaming Mouse - Pixart 3360

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MAD CATZ RAT PRO X - Gaming Mouse - Pixart 3360

  • Berat
    1000 Gram
  • Kondisi
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    1 Buah
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    1. Home
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    3. Teknik & Sains
    4. Buku Elektro
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Deskripsi produk

MAD CATZ RAT PRO X - Gaming Mouse - Pixart 3360

MAD CATZ RAT PRO X - Gaming Mouse - Pixart 3360


Swappable Sensors-Interchangeable modules let you employ a laser sensor or optical sensor and trade them at will. Swap for a different sensor as technology and games advance

Revolutionary Scroll Wheel System-Analog strafe! Wheel pivots sideways for an extra analog axis that enables pinpoint precision. You can even trade wheels and adjust their tension to your liking

Premium Components-Strong and reliable ingredients include magnesium alloy, titanium, and carbon fiber. Super hydrophobic coatings help keep your hand dry in the heat of battle

Highly Customizable-Trade sensors, scroll wheels, feet, pinkie grips, and palm/thumb rests. Just about everything you touch can conform to your hand

Great for eSports-Whether your competitive video games are MMO, RTS, MOBA or FPS, R.A.T. PRO X is an ideal LAN tournament partner

Pro Slide Technology-You get to decide how quickly the best gaming mouse slides across your mouse pad. Includes Teflon skis and ceramic skis for varied friction

90 Programmable Commands-Downloadable software (PC only) expands control of 10 programmable buttons and 9 modes

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