Supreme Arcade - Hitam

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Supreme Arcade - Hitam

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    12 kilogram
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    1 Buah
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Supreme Arcade - Hitam

Note Varian :
- Merah versi 2D Grafik
- Hitam versi 3D Grafik

Whether you are an old school or new comer, this is one of a kind arcade machine that will bring you back the nostalgic memories of great fun had in the 90s and early 2000s. Games back then were created for actual fun and challenges, while today's modern games focus on micro-transactions and pay to win model. Forget about flashy graphics, touch screen devices, immerse yourself with your kids with the ultimate arcade machine!

- 2 players model
- Ultimate retro gaming platform powered by Pandora OS
- Classic games to choose from including all time legendary games
- Pause function
- All mechanical joystick and classic 6 key buttons
- Audio jack/HDMI output/2x USB ports
- Speaker with adjustable volume
- 10" HD 1280x720 LCD screen
- Small foot print and compact
- Material - Acrylic body
- Voltage - DC 12V
- Video Output - HDMI/VGA
- 2x USB interface (PC connectivity for other games)
- Supreme arcade machine 2 players model
- Power adaptor
- Power cord
- English user manual
- USB cable
- HDMI cable
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