Strap Kamera Model PEAK DESIGN Tali Kamera Untuk DSLR dan Mirrorless

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In addition to the camera clips, Peak Design also designed the camera strap to help carry the camera in all shooting environments. The flexible Leash camera cable strap can be quickly disassembled and mounted as a diagonal strap, neck strap, safety strap or film stabilization strap. It can be extended from about 19 inches (48cm) to 60 inches (152cm), has a width of about 2cm, and can withstand 150lbs of weight, making it suitable for all sizes of cameras. The camera strap can be quickly released when not in use, and then easily placed in any pocket, wallet and camera bag

+ Can be combined with any camera
+ Light weight, no extra burden
+ Load capacity up to 10 kg
+ One second fast design
+ with Peak Design Capture can be extended
+ Simple design, Simple combination = Strong function

Camera strap / GOPRO sports camera SJ / micro single camera strap multi-function camera strap
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