Xiaomi Water Pump with Usb Cable (Pompa Galon Air)

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Xiaomi Water Pump with Usb Cable (Pompa Galon Air)

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Xiaomi Water Pump with Usb Cable (Pompa Galon Air)

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CoBrand Xiaomi dengan 3Life tidak ada logo MI

Food Grade Material - Food grade silicone hose, which which is same material as used in hoses and nipples on baby bottles
Fast Pumping - It only takes a few seconds to fill a glass of water or bottle
Painless Support - The inclination angle of the natural water flow does not require the hand to tilt and hold the apparatus
Prevent Overflow - Each time you withdraw about 1.5L (1 minute), which is also the volume of an average fridge bottle, the pump automatically shuts down, avoid forgetting to shut down and water overflow.
Built-in Rechargeable Battery - Built-in high performance rechargeable lithium battery. No need to receive wires when pumping. Every time the pump is fully charged, you can pump about 120L of water, i.e. about 6.5 19L bottles of Nestle Jumbo Pure Life, etc.
Fast Processor - Silicon wafer micro central processor for accurate and fast identification of each operational signal
Strong Motor - Two arc-shaped powerful magnets and three sets of independent electromagnetic coils, work together to bring powerful thrust to the pump output
Durable Pump Body - The 5-cylinder piston pump body accurately controls 10 pieces of silicone valve door, which can be opened and closed in sequence, and the water source is continuously extracted.

Brand: Xiaomi (3life)
Model: PUMP 002
Material: Food Grade Silicone / Stainless Steel
Color: White
Operation Method: Electric Motor to Mechanical
Timing Function: 2 Hours
Input: DC 5V 0.65A to charge
Battery: Built-in Lithium-ion
Power: USB Charging
Certifications: FCC, RoHS, CE
Executive Standards: GB4706.1
Size: 146 x 64 x 156 mm
Weight: 262g

Package Includes:
1x Xiaomi 3life Rechargeable Electric Water Pump Touch Dispenser
1x Silicone Hose
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Manual (Mandarin)

Note: The pump can fit any bottle from 5L to 19L of any brand of mineral water.
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