Titanium Dioxide Pharmaceutical Grade - 50 Gram

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Titanium Dioxide Pharmaceutical Grade - 50 Gram

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Titanium Dioxide Pharmaceutical Grade - 50 Gram

Ini grade tertinggi ya, lebih tinggi dari cosmetic grade.
Origin: Germany

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Recommended use rate in cold and hot process soap is .5 tsp. per pound of oils. For melt and pour, the recommended use rate is .25 tsp. per pound of base.

Below are two pictures: One of titanium dioxide and one of our uncolored soap base. We added these pictures so you can see how much our titanium dioxide whitens soap. We used very little to get this bright shade of white.

Directions for use:

Mix our TD in a 1:1 TD to water ratio. Use a mini mixer to blend into a thick whipped cream consistency. If you don't have a mini mixer try adding a bit more water than the 1:1 ratio and blend until smooth. Once the TD is fully dispersed in water, add about 1/4 tsp. per pound of oils. You will need less of our TD than from other places. You will also notice that our titanium dioxide is much easier to blend.

To avoid glycerin rivers soap with a water discount and do not overheat your soaps! Soaps with full water are more prone to glycerin rivers than soaps made with less water. We prefer a 33% lye concentration.

Berat netto (berat isi): 50 Gr
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